Crossing the Thresholds

Earlier this week I posted on having a “different center” – being eccentric. It’s clear enough that we should give ourselves to those things that are more meaningful. We want our lives to count. To actually move that from wishing to reality, we need to make daily choices in line with whatever worthy end we’re… Read More ›

Message from Mike: Words at Work

The Branch Church is the second campus of a single church – Cypress Church is the other campus. Mike McKay is the lead pastor of this single, united church and the teaching pastor at the Cypress Church campus. Each week he writes a congregational email – usually on Thursdays. We’ll provide it for you each… Read More ›

In Praise of Eccentricity

If you know me, you likely wouldn’t call me eccentric – unless you think being a Christian is eccentric. After reading Living Into Focus by Arthur Boers (Brazos 2012), I’m inspired to become a bit more eccentric. In the final chapter of this wonderful little volume, Boers points to the etymological meaning of “eccentric,” which… Read More ›

Do More than Barbecue on Memorial Day

I wish I could say I have always loved Memorial Day, but I’ve probably loved the three day weekend that marked the beginning of summer more than anything else. If someone brought it up, I would briefly reflect upon its significance, but it never really weighed upon me – even though I knew it should…. Read More ›