Defining Moments

This last Sunday I had the privilege of preaching at Cypress Church. Just like at the Branch, my passage was Matthew 17.1-13, which focuses on God’s glory at the Transfiguration. If you missed it, check online at Cypress Church (for my message) or the Branch for Pastor Mike’s. At the Cypress campus, we unpacked how… Read More ›

Two Roads, One Destination

Awhile back I received The Bully Pulpit by Doris Kearns Goodwin. I can honestly say it wasn’t of much interest, initially, but it has been a delightful read. The rise of Theodore Roosevelt and William Taft as politicians and friends was a story I was largely unfamiliar with and Goodwin tells a great story (be… Read More ›

The Dregs

I loved hearing from our Global Outreach Panel last Sunday, including hearing the stories of those who are considered the least in their societies and yet are still committed to reaching people for Jesus. While this is outside the experience of most of us in a historically Christian nation, it’s actually nothing new. Consider this… Read More ›