Happy 1st Birthday to the Branch!

Happy 1st Birthday to the Branch!! The Branch Church at Los Alamitos & Rossmoor celebrated its first year anniversary meeting at the Los Alamitos Community Center. It has been an eventful year. We have seen new families connect and become a vital part of the Branch family. We have seen people grow in their faith as they have… Read More ›

More Happy Birthdays, please!

I’m actually not talking about the Branch Birthday Celebration on Sunday, which was wonderful, by the way! Special thanks to Hannah Stonoha and Christine Theodore (and their teams) for making it a wonderful success. I had a wonderful opportunity to talk with someone who attended one of the Cypress campus Easter services earlier today. They… Read More ›

He is Risen … So Pray!

Easter Sunday was amazing! The refreshment team put a veritable feast together. Garrick and the worship team were fabulous. I hope God challenged you through His Word, and we had plenty of guests. Above all else, Jesus was lifted up and recognized as the resurrected King that He is. I like to begin each month’s… Read More ›