Party Time!

I’m hiding in a back room getting this out as guests arrive for my daughter’s birthday party so I’ll make this quick. I won’t bore you with details of my party. This is to remind you of the party we’ll all have tomorrow.

You won’t want to miss church tomorrow. It’s going to be great. Family services are always fun – maybe interesting is better – and tomorrow won’t be an exception. Each year around this time our one church on many campuses has our Annual Celebration and Business Meeting. Last year we closed the Branch doors and went over to Cypress. This year we’re doing something different.

We’ll have a celebration service of our own at our regular time. We’ll have testimonies, worship, and a family message. … And then the next party starts. After service we’ll head to Grace Christian School – it’s in Cypress, but I think it’s actually closer to us than the Cypress campus! We’ll have maps for you tomorrow morning.

Why would we go there? A few reasons.

  • Free taco truck.
  • For those who are members, that’s where we’ll hold the business meeting, which consists of voting on budget, new elders, and new trustees.
  • If you’re not a member, but still want to see what’s going on, you’re more than welcome to attend. And fill out a Connection Card letting us know you’d like to be a member and we’ll get you started on that process.
  • Free tacos.
  • Bounce houses, lots of green space, and playground equipment.
  • Did I mention the free tacos?

It’s going to be a great time. I hope you’ll join us. And invite friends and neighbors, too. Let’s make it an event!

One more thing …

  • If you can’t make church for whatever reason, but still want to join us at Grace Christian School, come on over! The address is 4545 Myra Ave, Cypress, CA 90630 and we should get started around noon!

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