Celebrating Freedom!

I hope you’re enjoying your 4th of July festivities – whether that’s with friends or hitting some of the larger fireworks shows in the area. I pray amid all the revelry that we remember the reason for the holiday. We live in an amazing country. God has, indeed, blessed America.

As important as it is to celebrate our freedom as a nation, it should point us to something even deeper. Specifically, we should be reminded of our freedom in Christ. Galatians 5.1 tells us: It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.”

This is something worth celebrating. Tomorrow’s going to be a great opportunity to do just that. As we continue on our series, “Wrestling with God in Prayer,” we’re going to look at offering prayers of thanksgiving to God. And be ready, we might even do it in church! It’ll be a family service so it’s going to be fun!

I hope to see you tomorrow – with all your fingers! – so be safe and sane tonight.

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