Our Distinctives


We are here because of who Jesus is and what He has done in our lives. First and foremost we are here to live lives centered upon Him. All that we do flows from this starting point – a relationship with Jesus. This is why we unapologetically teach from the Bible each week and meet in Life Groups throughout the week. The Holy Spirit uses the Scriptures and community with other believers, among other things, to direct our affections toward Jesus.


When we are centered on Christ, we will live changed lives. After His resurrection, Jesus told us to make disciples – that’s like an apprentice to Jesus. A disciple loves Jesus with all His heart, soul, mind, and strength. Our Sunday worship times, mid-week Life Groups, and community service opportunities help us grow as His disciples.

Community-oriented & Compassion-driven

Our church is being built with a simple format – Sunday mornings and weekly Life Groups. Each Life Group (mid-week small group meetings) is a place where the need each of us has for belonging is met as well as an opportunity for us to band together to meet the needs of others in the community through service. We are a community that cares for each other and our community.


Our goal when we gather on Sundays or in Life Groups is to create a gathering like a family reunion where all ages are coming together as a family to worship God. While there will be times where we break into age-specific groups, we want to worship, serve, and learn together as much as possible.

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