Our Story

How we got here

We’re new… and old. We’re new to Los Alamitos and Rossmoor, but The Branch Church is actually the first of a network of churches springing out of Cypress Church. Cypress Church started in 1978 when a handful of people gathered in a living room to study the Bible and worship together. It grew to be a wonderful church that really loves God and people in a tangible way, including serving the community of Cypress. We thought it was time to share the love with neighboring communities.

Several church members live, work, or play in the Los Alamitos and Rossmoor communities. It was a natural fit for our first branch to be in Los Alamitos where we can be present in the community like Cypress Church has been in Cypress.

From the original team of two families of five, a launch team was built in the Fall of 2013 to begin the formation of a community that would honor God, bless families, and serve the community. We’ve continued to grow and now there are 60-70 worshiping together on Sunday mornings and in Life Groups throughout the week. We’d love for you to be part of our story!

Who we are

First and foremost, Jesus says He is the vine and we are the branches (John 15.5). We get our life and sustenance from Him. God created us to have a fulfilling life, but this only happens when we have a thriving relationship with Him. We are committed to creating a community of people who are vitally connected to Jesus, thriving in Him – connected like branches to a vine.

There’s also a very practical reason for the name. We are creating a networked church, like a series of branches connected by Jesus. We are one church with multiple campuses. Cypress Church is the first branch, and now God is creating a second branch in the network – The Branch Church. We may have different names, but we’re one church; different branches of the same tree.

It is our prayer that this branch is the place where you can find the thriving life in Jesus that He desires for you as you connect to God’s Story.

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