Our Vision

“The Branch Church endeavors to live and love like Jesus as we compassionately relate to our community and beyond that all might thrive in Christ.”

The Branch Church Endeavors…

We’re serious about this vision. We aren’t just hoping it happens, we aren’t just casually waiting for it. An endeavor implies effort. This is what we’re committed to as a core expression of who we are.

… To Live and Love Like Jesus …

Our endeavor flows out of a relationship with God. He’s saved us and is at work in our lives helping us to live and love like Him. We have no illusions of instant transformation; we’re all works in progress, but we are committed to the process of being transformed by Jesus’ overwhelming grace. We grow in our living and loving like Him the more we grasp – and are grasped by – His life and His love.

… As We Compassionately Relate …

When we understand what Jesus endured that we might have the kind of relationship with Him where we begin to live and love like Him, it’s going to overflow into our interactions. We will increasingly become people of compassion just like Jesus was (Matthew 9.36). A distinctive of this network of churches is a compassionate heart.

… To Our Community and Beyond …

Being compassionate starts with loving people in the church, but we’re also committed to loving and serving our community. One of the ways we serve our community is to help at major events. Branch members have volunteered at the Sugarbeet Festival, the Race on the Base, and Winter Wonderland. We also hope to partner with local non-profit organizations caring for those in need in the Los Alamitos and Rossmoor area. And, when the time is right, we will compassionately connect with partner ministries around the world. Why?

… That All Might Thrive in Christ.

God created us to thrive. That can be interpreted in a bunch of different ways, but by thriving in Christ we mean having a growing relationship with Him. This is why we do everything we do. Jesus has changed, and is changing our lives – we’re thriving – and we live so that others will experience the same.

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