Noisy Prayers

What a week! Vacation Bible School (VBS) at the Cypress campus was amazing this week. It was a sight to behold as the Branch and Cypress campuses worked as one to pull off a great week of ministry. Sixteen kids made first time decisions to follow Jesus and many more were spurred on in their… Read More ›

Celebrating Freedom!

I hope you’re enjoying your 4th of July festivities – whether that’s with friends or hitting some of the larger fireworks shows in the area. I pray amid all the revelry that we remember the reason for the holiday. We live in an amazing country. God has, indeed, blessed America. As important as it is… Read More ›

Measuring the Immeasurable

Do you ever get really excited about something and then, halfway through it, you wish you could back out? That’s how I visualize jumping out of an airplane with my brother. (He’s a skydive instructor.) I was thrilled with what we’re covering for this week’s message initially, but as I’m trying to craft this amazing… Read More ›

Party Time!

I’m hiding in a back room getting this out as guests arrive for my daughter’s birthday party so I’ll make this quick. I won’t bore you with details of my party. This is to remind you of the party we’ll all have tomorrow. You won’t want to miss church tomorrow. It’s going to be great…. Read More ›

Brace Yourself

It happens each year. As some of you know, I read through the Bible each year, interacting with Him prayerfully along the way (most of the time!). I do a psalm each day until I’ve gone through all 150. After a couple months in, I’ll see it looming: Psalm 119. If you’re not familiar with… Read More ›


It’s Memorial Day Weekend. It’s a beautiful weekend. Monday’s off, the kids’ activities are winding to a close, resulting in a little margin for our lives, and the school load is starting to lighten as well. Advertisers use this weekend, too. Pandora’s trying to get me to upgrade to commercial-free so I can kick back… Read More ›

Victory Awaits

You thought I forgot, didn’t you? I know you’ve been lost without the weekly email this week, but here it comes … and it’s purposely on Saturday. We’re trying something new this week to help prepare us for Sundays on Saturday evenings. We’ll see how it goes. Your input is appreciated. I can’t believe it’s… Read More ›

Love Your Neighbor

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Or should I say, “¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo!” It’s quite a week. Some of you may have missed yesterday’s holiday as well – Star Wars Day. [Disclaimer: Before I get into my story, let me confess something. God’s doing something in me and I need to share it because I think… Read More ›