Welcome to The Branch Kids!

As a multi-generational church we include our kids in our worship each Sunday before they scamper off to age-grouped classes for Bible study. However, if your child is young or just enjoys being with you rather than running off to class, we love kids in the whole service as well. Do what works best for your family! Here are our classes:


Our youngest attendees need lots of room and time to play and explore their worlds while including time for a Bible story, songs, activities, and toys.  We have two teaching teams that alternate weeks and will teach, train, and love the littlest members of our church up to 5 years old. This class will be open every Sunday to welcome your little ones. We have noticed that some moms like to keep their babies in service with them. We think that’s great! Come on in and don’t worry if they fuss a little. Children are a blessing and we’re glad you – and your baby – is worshiping with us!


This class is designed for our early elementary kids with a longer story, some discussion, and activities, but not toys.  We have four teaching teams and an apprentice program for several of our student helpers to learn how to teach Sunday School. Each month we hold Family Services and encourage our children to attend alongside their parents, but we offer this class on Family Sundays to give parents the option of having their young children in the service or in a class as we know that not everyone is ready to sit through a full service.


This is a brand new class for our 4th-8th  grade students.  They will meet on the 2nd, 3rd  and 4th  Sundays of the month.  Students will attend the service on the Family Service Sundays (1st Sundays), and when we have a 5th  Sunday in a month.  We will continue to teach Bible stories going through the entire Bible in a year and building upon the knowledge they’ve gained in previous years.


Our curriculum is TRU (www.truministry.com/), which “is a spiritually forming, parent-empowering curriculum that equips children, leaders and families to know Jesus and live out a vibrant lifetime faith.”  The TRU curriculum takes our children through the Bible in a year and builds upon their knowledge each year as they explore Scripture in greater detail and application each time through.

What does the morning look like for a child?
9:15am – 9:40am  Time of singing with their adult(s)
9:45am – 10:30am Sunday School with kids their age
10:30am-10:45am Supervised play in the courtyard